vegetable washing machine

Knowing about the working flow of vegetable washing machine?
First, materials like vegetables and fruits enter the sink, under the action of high pressure water and strong bubbles, they will be sufficiently dispersed, tumbled, cleaned, and conveyed. Eluted sediment from materials’ surfaces sink to the bottom isolation bin and will not result in pollution. Then the floating sundries, worms, hair and insects will be collected through the mesh and taken away by brush rollers. After that, materials washed will be cleaned again by spray cleaning, and sent for further processing. And the water residues can be recycled.
vegetable washing machine Introduction:
This machine adopts high pressure water cleaning surfaces, the impact was formed contains water cleaning, cleaning the bubble motion impact was washing water highway surface, bubbles in contact with the object of rupture of energy, will be cleaned surface as a shock and scrub, scrub clean surface is clean, clean the object will be. In order to go the washer adopts harmful substances, UV disinfection system, the composite with 254 nano wavelength of UV irradiated by ozone water saturation, oxidizing strongest OH radicals, OH radicals effect is kill virus, degradation and precipitation toxic substances, In the circulating pump, under the action of filtering screen will float material filtration separation, activated carbon filter more small sediment filtered, filtered water and returned to tank.


  • It is suitable for washing leaf vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, preserved vegetables, fungus, marine vegetables, preserved products, fruits etc.
  • Suitable for those kitchens of school, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory and supermarket etc.


  • It's specially for washing leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, celery, spinach and fruits like apple, pear, etc.
  • There is a outfall on the root of the machine, ensuring clean water inside.
  • After washing, vegetable or fruit will go through an elevator, and at the same time,high pressure spray will wash the them again.
  • Flow adjustment valve next to the machine can control the materials forward speed, easy operating.
  • The conveyor belt material is PP mesh, which meets with the food-grade standard.
  • It can be connected with automatic processing line with high capacity.
  • We can make it different size for different client's requirements.
  • There's water recycle system inside machine.


Type YQX-12 YQX-22 YQX-32
Output 500KG/H 1000kg/h 1500kg/h
Voltage 380v/50Hz (can be adjusted) 380v/50Hz (can be adjusted) 380v/50Hz (can be adjusted)
Power 1.7KW 2kw 3kw
Wight 140kg 180kg 235kg
Dimension 2500*800*1100mm 2350*1000*1300mm 3350*1000*1300mm

Maintenance for vegetable washing machine:
Please rinse the tank timely to prevent bacterial growth after the finishing the work.
Pump in and out of the air filter should be kept clean. Because the fan adopts the principle of spiral type, the high rotating speed to achieve high air pressure and large air volume effect.
Please cut off the power supply first when doing the maintenance. The machine is ideal equipment in vegetable and food processing and catering industry.