Superfine grinding machine is composed of main motor,auxiliary motor and electrical control cabinet. The advantages are reasonable structure and compact design. The machine with no sieve and mesh, make sure the material epigranular after grinding. Due to the negative pressure sends heat out continuously in operation,the machine is also applied for grinding thermo sensitivity material.

This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. Such as traditional Chinese medicine, Corn, rice, chili, pepper, naked oats, beans, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, Dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, white sugar. Saccharin. Grains, dried small shrimps, pumpkin powder, condiment, mushroom,etc.

Working theory:
Raw material is delivered to the grinding chamber via hopper by spiral feeder, it is cut and sheared by the high speed cutters,then the material is moved into the whirlwind separator and the sack dust catcher by the negative pressure sucking method. The dust is collected and recycled via cloth bag. There is no dust flying during production.

pulverizer Work illustrative diagram
Work flow


Model YY-15 YY-20 YY-30 YY-60
Production capacity 10-200kg/h 20-300kg/h 100-800kg/h 300-1200kg/h
Size of input granules <10mm <12mm <10mm <10mm
Size of output granules (can be adjusted) 80-320mesh 80-320mesh 60-450mesh 60-450mesh
Total power 13.5kw 17.5kw 46 84.5
Main running speed 6000r/min 4800r/min 4200r/min 3800r/min
Weight 850kg 1250 2800kg 4500kg
Overall dimension(mm) 4200×1200×2700 4700×1250×2900 6640×1300×3960 7500×2300×4530