onion peeling machine

Onion Peeling Machine Introduction:

Onions are very vulnerable to bruising which quickly leads to spoilage, and abrasion peelers add to the problem. The automatic onion peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle blows the onion skin away without making surgical incision in the onion skin and cutting two ends. It is dry-way full-automatic digital control, which can remove skins of the onion automatically. The onions are not manually handled and the gentle manner of processing reduces spoilage dramatically. There is no odor or problem with "running eyes". This type machine has low processing cost and high processing efficiency.

How to operate the onion peeling machine?
Half stainless steel or stainless steel (depends on client’s request) automatic chain feeder—air box—onion collect — skin collect— onion cutter
Note: peeling machine and ends cutting machine can be used independently. If you just want to use one part of these two machines, you can separate the other part conveniently.


  • No need classification,size, moisture, area no limited;
  • High capacity
  • Peeling automatically for one time , no demage;
  • Control peeling thickness freely according to need, automatic adjusting end cutting size according to onion’s size, with high rate of finished products;
  • Long service life,low cost, high efficient;
  • 304 stainless steel machine body and cover, in line with international health standard.
  • First peeling then end cutting, small peel off, high efficient, more clean, more healthy;
  • This machine adopts no knife peeling, without tool mark on onion, it guarantee the onion with good appearance.

onion peeling machine


Model YY-YB-1 Voltage 380V 50HZ
Air source ≥0.8MPa Power 1.5KW
Capacity 500-700kg/h Weight 248kg
Dimension 2100mm×830mm×1800mm

onion peeling machine

Model YY-YB-2 Voltage 380V 50HZ
Air source


Power 1.5KW
Capacity 1000-1500kg/h Weight 270kg
Dimension 1950mm×1100mm×1950mm
onion peeling machine
Model YY-YB-3 Voltage 380V 50HZ
Air source ≥1.0MPa Power 2.2KW
Capacity 2000kg-2500kg/h Weight 320kg
Dimension 2600mm×1200mm×1800mm

Onion ends cutting machine

onion peeling machine

The onion ends cutting machine is the domestic most advanced onion processing equipment. It can cut both onion top and tail without damage no matter onion in what states.


  • This machine is made of SUS 304, conforming to international healthy standard.
  • It can distinguish and adjust automatically according to onion size. And the onion cut out are all beautiful no matter it is big or small.
  • This machine has no quick-wear part, longer service life and lower cost, higher efficiency.
  • High production capacity. This onion ends cutting machine with capacity of 700-1000kg.
  • Energy conservation

To all kinds of onions, no need to grade onions, no requirement to onion’s original place, applicable to both dried and fresh onions.

Components of onion peeling machine:

  • Automatic Chain Feeding Part, onion output can be adjustable among 0-300 pcs/min based on production demand, simple design and convenient to use.
  • Onion skin scriber box: There are 6 rollers in the scriber box above the equipment.138 scribing blades; they are used to gash the onion skin's first and second layers.
  • Onion systemizing part: The gash onion from the scriber will be placed on the holder evenly and conformably, to ensure the accurate positioning and clamping fixture.
  • Automatic Clamping Part: This part is a high-tech rotary automatic clamping device, clamping and release the onions in motion, reliable clamping and clamping efficiency is above 200 beats / min.

Main Process Flow:
Raw material (onion) into the feeding hopper manually —→ automatic chain feeder send onion to skin scriber box —→ gash onion send to Onion systemizing part to adjust the direction, then onion placed by machine to the synchrony-belt to ensure the evenly distance and proper position —→ the automatic fixture clamp the onion and send to the blades to delete root hair, then release to the peeling device —→ onion will be peeled by the spiral working and high-pressure air blow nozzle , then will be sent to discharge hole. Whole onion peeling processing procedures are finished.


Model YY-YB-C Voltage 380V 50HZ
Weight 320kg Power 2.2KW
Capacity 700kg-1000kg/h
Dimension 2050mm×700mm×1330mm