vegetable dicing machine

Structure of vegetable dicing machine:
Cut part is made up of a slicing knife used for slicing, a set of cross-cutting knife shaft used for cutting vegetables and fruits into strips and a set of circular knife shaft used for dicing. At the same time, different sizes of particles can be achieved by replacing the circular knife shaft, cross-cutting knife shaft, and adjust the slice thickness.
vegetable dicing machine
  • This machine is easy to move with foot wheel.
  • The fast dicing speed equals to 25 people labor work.
  • This machine is made of stainless steel of corrosion resistance and ensures longer lifespan.
  • This machine has a jiggle switch at the material feeding entrance to assure safety.
What is the working principle of the dicing machine?
When the dicing machine working, materials are fed into the high-speed slicing knife and are cut into flake, then shred through disc knife and cut into strips, after that materials are into the transverse cutting blade and are cut into cubes or rectangle by the transverse cutting knife.


Type YSH-10S YSH-10M YSH-10L YSH-10B
Output 500-1000kg/h 1000-2000kg/h 2000-3000kg/h 3000kkg/h
Voltage 380V/50Hz (can be adjusted) 380V/50Hz (can be adjusted) 380V/50Hz (can be adjusted) 380V/50Hz (can be adjusted)
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw 1.1kw
Dimension 950*780*1280mm 1030*750*700mm 1220*900*1000mm 1367*1338*1565mm
Weight 110kg 126kg 170lg 390kg
Vegetable Dicing Machine Using Cautions:
Before operating, please read the instruction book carefully. 
Don’t clean the main engine with water directly to avoid electricity leakage. 
The power should be shut off when cleaning the machine. 
Keep the machine in a dry place with good ventilation to ensure the machine of good performance without being affected by damp.