Q: What parameters should I provide if I want to buy a package machine?
A: 1. The raw materials and the size you use.
2. Moisture content of the raw materials or give me the picture of raw materials.
3. The size of pellet you need.
4. The voltage frequency in your country.
5. The output you need in one hour.
Q: What parameters should I provide if I want to buy a fruit & vegetable processing machine?
A: What product will you process 2. the output you need in one hour 3. functions of the machine 4. The voltage frequency in your country. 
Q: What should be confirmed if I want to buy a tea bag packing machine?
A: 1. what kind of tea to be packaged?
2. What is the packing weight per bag?
3. What is the packing shape, triangle bag or square bag?
4. Is the packing materials nylon, paper filter or plastic? 
Q: What is the material of your machines?
A: According to customers’ requirements, machines can be made into stainless steel or half stainless steel structure. And all parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel according with requirements of food grade. 
Q: What if I have a special request for a machine and can't fully explain it on the Request for Quote Page?
A: Please kindly send us email (info@unmachinery.com) or call us (0086-372-5367 582). Detailed information will be provided for you. 
Q: What kind of after sales service will you provide?
A: Firstly, the machine shall be guaranteed by the seller against poor materials, poor performance and poor workmanship for the period of one year from the date of commissioning. During this guaranteed period, we will provide customers with free maintenance and free spare parts caused by machines’ quality upon receipt of advice.
Besides, we provide lifetime technical support.
Thirdly, we will supply training service for the operation of the machine.
Lastly, we will respond within 2 hours if the machine goes wrong in production.