garlic peeling machine

garlic peeling machine

Peeler Machine Introduction:

This garlic peeling machine uses compressed air as the motive power source, produced a strong wind at the roundabout near the natural peeling garlic. This machine comprises two parts, the dry feeding trough has the hot blast to circulate the function, and even in the humid climate would also have to be dry garlic state. Peeling of the air compressor used as the driving force and energy saving. Apply to the market, food plants, garlic, and other industries occasions.

Garlic Peeling Specifications:

Model Power Output Dimensions
YY-G100 95W/220V 100Kg/h 700*650*1300mm
YY-G150 100W/220V 150Kg/h 1000*650*1600mm
YY-G300 120W/220V 300Kg/h 1000*650*1600mm


  • In the process, no need blade or hard friction, cause little damage and pollution to the garlic clove so you could get the garlic in good condition, low breakage, smooth surface, non-pollution
  • Using compressed air as the motive power source, produced a strong wind at the round near the natural to peel garlic. So no need to put the garlic into water before peeling
  • Compact structure, convenient for you to place and move it
  • Easy to keep maintenance, low failure rate etc

Do you know the working principle of garlic peeling machine?
This machine should be equipped with an air compressor. Then the strong air produced by it can form cyclone, which can peel off the skin of garlic. Detailed steps are as follows:
Step1: Put garlic cloves are into the storage tank. The garlic skin by hot air drying can reach about 40 ℃.
Step2: Feeding cylinder begins to work: first open the feed control valve, the garlic cloves get into the peeling cylinder.
Step3: After finishing the feeding, the feed port is closed, then the compressed air starts to work, and the compressed air enters the peeling cylinder with peeling, and garlic is peeled in the high-speed gas stream, then garlic skin get out through the skin hole, garlic peeled come out from the other side of the machine, in this way, garlic skin and garlic are separated, and the Peeling work is completed.
Step4: After the peeling work, then discharge cylinder begins to work, the discharge valve opens, and the peeled garlic come out from the discharge port. Clean the garlic skin and the whole working field. It is the end of a whole work trip.

Basicly, the process for garlic including the steps as follow and we can offer each machine for each stage:

Knowing about the structure of garlic peeling machine?
This machine consists of chassis, fans, electric heating system, garlic storage container, peeling cylinder, and electronically controlled system. It integrates electricity, gas, and machine together with continuous operation. The machine's structure is more complex than ordinary food machinery.