automatic powder packing machine

This powder packing machine integrates machine, electricity, light, and instrument. It adopts the hi-tech stepper motor to control the feeding screw and a servo motor to operate the scraping paddle in the barrel. All contact parts with packing materials are made of stainless steel 304 or 316 conforming to requirements of customers. 
This powder packing machine has two dedicated PLC's for accurate sealing and cutting according to the sachet design. Besides, this machine is of many optional advanced characteristics such as microprocessor controlled sachet length, electronic speed control, automatic output sachet counting and batch creating, intelligent status warning devices for various parameters with shut-down and error reporting, etc. 
automatic powder packing machine
Sachet Packing Machine Application:

It is widely used for packing powdery material with 120-400 mesh. Such as food additives, milk powder, albumen powder, herbal powder, tea powder, mask powder, etc.
This machine has an electronic control unit for accurate sealing and cutting according to the sachet design. Sealing pattern available is 3-side seal, 4-side seal and centre seal for customers.
This PLC controlled fully automatic powder packing machine is suitable for packing free-flowing powders for food service, pharmaceutical, and other industries.



Model YY-40 YY-180
Bag length 50-110mm 80-150mm
Bag width 30-80mm 70-100mm
Packing speed 20-60bag/min 20-40bag/min
Packing range 20-100g 50-200g
Power 1.8KW/220V/50Hz 2KW/220V/50Hz
Total weight 300kg 380kg
Dimension 900*700*1900 1000*800*2000
  • Easy operation. It requires no training for the machine’s start-up, operation or maintenance. The detailed illustrated manual supplied with the machine is enough to DO-IT-YOURSELF!
  • High speed: this machine adopts spiral baiting and optical controlled technology
  • High precision: this machine adopts the step motor and electronic weighing technology
  • Reputed components are used in the machine guarantee the high quality of the machine
  • Spare parts are available at reasonable price
  • A wide range of application: it can be applied in packing fluidity Powdery products
  • Configurable feeding device is available, more convenient to users
  • Automatically track changes caused by the error correction due to the material proportion and material level can be, save labor costs
  • Photoelectric switch control, it only needs artificial bagging, has clean bag mouth, and is easy to seal
  • Parts contacting materials is made of stainless steel, convenient to clean, and prevent cross contamination
  • Automatically print the packaging batch number or production date finished products
Full automatic vertical powder packing line
Full automatic vertical powder packing line advantages:
  • Simple construction, reliable operation, easy maintenance.
  • The machine use screw feeding and independent stir system, controlled by microcomputer and encoders from servo code.
  • Code and control combined into one machine, low noise,reliable measure,high precision and can display the measuring number.



Item YY-398 YY-520 YY-200
Composition of machine YY-398 basic machine, auger filler, spiral conveyor YY-520 basic machine, auger filler, spiral conveyor YY-220 basic machine, auger filler, spiral conveyor
Packing scope Suitable for powdery material such as milk powder, albumen powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, rice powder, spice powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, dyestuff etc
Pouch type Pillow bag, Die-cut bag, pin bag Standup Pouch(with zipper or without zipper),
Packing speed ≤50bag/min ≤40bag/min ≤35bag/min
Pouch size W:50-200mm L:100-300mm W:100-250mm L:100-350mm W:100-200mm L:100-300mm
Packing precision ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1
Packing weight 10-500g 10-1000g 10-1000g
Compress air 0.6m3/min
Power 3KW/3 phase,220V,50/60Hz (according to your country) 5KW/3 phase,220V,50/60Hz (according to your country)
Total weight 500kg 600kg 700kg