cup filling and sealing

This machine is a multifunctional high-speed full automatic machine specially designed for liquid, semi-liquid and powder materials to be filled and sealed into cups. It uses stepless speed change system to make the production speed adjustable. The temperature control system adopts new AUTOSCR which is a new intelligent heating system; temperature control effect is good and energy-saving.
cup filling and sealing cup filling and sealing
step1.Cup falling: Pneumatic cylinder control ,Cylinder brand: AIRTAC (Taiwan brand)
The quantity of cup loading holes in 1 lines can be customized.
step2.Filling:Filling tank: 40-50L
1 inlet: 15-18mm diameter
1 washing outlet: 12mm diameter
4 filling outlets to connect pneumatic control valves
1floating ball to control liquid level in the tank
Sealing head are made of aluminum, with the help of heaters.
Sealing temperature can be adjusted between 0°-400°
step4.Date printing: 16 printing head, use ink.Clear and easy to change the date!
step5.Outputting Cylinder: cups being pushed to the conveyor by pneumatic cylinder
Work flow:
1. Rolling film type
Cup falling one by one--filling --date printing--seal--cutting--output
2. Pre-cut lid type:
Cup falling-filling--pre-cut lid--seal--date printing--output
cup filling and sealing
Aluminum mould:Aluminum Acid-resistant mould, with no deformation, corrosion-resistant features, high hardness, long service life.
Rack section: Made of high quality carbon steel welded together, spray paint, then covered with 304 stainless steel, touching the ground with strong bolts. Can also make the whole machine stainless steel.
Transmission system: Well-known brands of motor, reducer, transmission, cam-splitters, template chains, such as: Mitsubishi Electric.
Falling cups system: Machine automatically one by one fall cup, stable and efficient.
Filling system: Storage tanks made of #304 stainless steel, volume can be customized. Filling volume can be adjusted freely, accurate high precision, anti-leak; you can add mixing system insulation and heating systems.
Put on foils:  Automatic suck foils by vacuum then put above the cups, high accuracy, saving time and efficiency;
Sealing system: Constant temperature (intelligent temperature)  twice sealing, sealing heads made of copper, good thermal conductivity, strong;
Cutting film: Cold cutting, cut out the covering film easy opening.
Put out cups: Can be equipped with a vacuum suction cup arm system, external conveyor.
Control system: Using Omron and Siemens PLC programmable, relays, the main components for domestic and international famous brands, Siemens touch screen.
YY series automatic filling and sealing machine, adopting chain step transmission mechanism. 24 hours of continuous work.  The electrical and pneumatic components are Germany, and France, and Japan and other international brands.
cup filling and sealing cup filling and sealing
Model Packing speed Heating power Voltage Motor Air pressure Max air consumption Weight Size
YY-3Q 1200-2000pcs/h 4kw 380v/50Hz (can be customized) 0.75kw 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.45M3/min 3000*800*1700mm 600kg
YY-4Q 3000-5000pcs/h 4kw 0.45M3/min 3200*800*1700mm 600kg
YY-6Q 5000-7000pcs/h 6kw 0.65M3/min 4000*700*1700mm 680kg
YY-8Q 7000-9000pcs/h 8kw 0.65M3/min 4000*800*1700mm 750kg
YY-10Q 9000-11000pcs/h 10kw 1.5kw 0.65-0.85Mpa 0.65M3/min 4000*800*1700mm 850kg
YY-12Q 11000-13000pcs/h 11kw 0.8M3/min 4000*900*1700mm 900kg
YY-14Q 13000-15000pcs/h 13kw 0.8M3/min 4200*1000*1700mm 1300kg