vegetable cutting machine

Do you know the structure of vegetable cutting machine?
The rack conveyor belt. Pressure dish with slices institutions governor box or pulley regulating organ.
Centrifugal slice institutions for hard vegetables slices of vegetables can be adjusted automatically within a certain range. The vertical knife part of the soft leafy vegetables or cut sheet is processed into different specifications of the block, dice, diamond, and various shapes because the chopping length through the adjustable eccentric can be adjusted within a certain range. Due to the vertical knife imitating hand-chopping principle, the machined surface is smooth, forming rules, cut vegetables organization intact, keep it fresh.
vegetable cutting machine Introduction:
This multifunctional vegetable cutting machine can cut vegetable and fruit into slice(thickness can be customized),strip(length of adjustable). The speed of conveyor belt and rotating knife can be adjusted by freqency converter, and it can be cotrolled independently.
Various leaf and stem vegetables:green onion, garlic sprout, leek, celery, cabbage.
Various roots vegetables:carrot, potato, sweet potato, bamboo shoot, onion, eggplant, cucumber.
Environmental Requirements about Using for vegetable cutting machine:
The circuit must provide stable voltage to guarantee the machine working safely.
The machine will produce some vegetable juice during working process, so water supply and discharge pipeline are needed to ensure a sanitary working condition.
The working space must be large enough to avoid accidents. 
The workshop must be ventilated to keep the vegetables fresh.
Type YSH-125 YSH-165
Output 600-1000KG/H 600-1800KG/H
Voltage 220v 220v
Power 0.375kw 1.1kw
Width of conveyor 125mm 165mm
Cutting size 1-60mm 1-60mm
Weight 78kg 140kg
Dimension 760*560*1350mm 1000*620*1550mm