pedal impulse sealer

This series pedal impulse sealer has a variety of functions and features pedal sealing machine can be bonded polyethylene ,polypropylene and multi-layer composite plastic ,with large power transformers ,heavy sealing bracket is adjustable up and down ,fast sealing ultra short time the effectiveness of ultra-high ,with the general sealing machine irreplaceable function ,easy operation ,the heating time is adjustable ,power can work for sealing various plastic films .
pedal impulse sealer
  • Seal strength strong ,beautiful and practical
  • Work on Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polyolefine Compounds plastic film
  • Sturdy aluminum construction with support shelf for package.
  • Simple to use, no operator training requires
  • Impulse sealing system offer uniform, neat and strong seals
  • No warm-up time necessary
  • Timer for sealing control
  • Adjustable pedal height    
  • Adjustable work table height 
The Impulse pedal sealing machine is widely used in foodstuff, medicine, daily necessities, chemicals, electronic units, seeds and so on. It is the best sealing equipment for factory, stores, and other industries.
1. Pneumatic type
2. Electromagnet type
3. Slanting table type
4. Downward Sealing Type
5. Printer
Model YYFS-350 YYFS-450 YYFS-650
Power 600W 800W 1000W
Sealing length 350mm 450mm 600mm
Sealing width 5-8mm 5-8mm 5-8mm
Machine size 420*450*900mm 520*450*900mm 720*450*900mm
Packing size 785*535*250mm 785*535*250mm 785*535*250mm
Weight 25kg 26kg 29kg