liquid packing machine

liquid packing machine
Liquid Packing Machine Application:
This machine is suitable for packing liquid material in food industry, medicine industry and chemical industry etc, such as shampoo, cosmetic creams, bath and massage oils, jam, sauces, etc, in different volumes ranging from 50 ml to 500 ml. It is an ideal choice for packaging these products for single-serve use for hotels, airlines, restaurants and fast food outlets, and for products to be sold through dispensing machines.


Model YY-Y50 YY-Y100 YY-Y320
Bag length 55-120mm 80-150mm 50-150mm
Bag width 30-150mm 70-200mm 70-150mm
Packing speed 20-60bag/min 20-50bag/min 20-50bag/min
Packing range 50-250ml 100-500ml 100-500ml
Power 1.5KW/220V/50Hz 1.5KW/220V/50Hz 2KW/220V/50Hz
Total weight 300kg 350kg 400kg
Dimension 900*700*1700mm 900*700*1700mm 900*700*1900mm

Do you want to know the liquid packaging machine features

  • Spare parts are available at reasonable price.
  • All material contacting parts are made of stainless steel.
  • This machine is easy to operate. It requires no training for its start-up, operation or maintenance. The detailed illustrated manual supplied with the machine is enough to DO-IT-YOURSELF!
  • Reputed components are used in the machine guarantee the high quality of the machine.
  • Accurate filling and easy weight adjustment with a high precision volumetric cup filler.
  • Low noise. Machines cannot be heard during the operation even a short distance away.
  • Convenient and ready to use, mounted on movable castor wheels. It does not require any installation. Simply place it where you want and start production immediately! 
  • This machine owns an electronic control unit for accurate sealing and cutting according to the sachet design. Sealing pattern available is 3-side seal or 4-side seal.
  • This machine has an electronic photo-cell print registration unit for accurate sealing as per print area. 
  • Available with many optional advanced features such as microprocessor controlled sachet length, electronic speed control, automatic output sachet counting and batch creating, intelligent status warning devices for various parameters with shut-down and error reporting, etc.
Bagged liquid packing machine Introduction:
This machine is high precision water pouch packing machine, it can automatically sterilize the film with violet ray, Sachet forming, quantitative filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting at one time. Heat sealing temperature adopts the automatic control.
Type YY-L1000 YY-L2000
bag-making length 50-150mm 50-250mm
Bag-making width 40-150mm 40-175mm
Packing film width 100-320mm 100-380mm
Packing capacity 50-550ml 200-1000ml
Packing speed 2000-2200 bags/h 1100-1300 bags/h
power 1.6kw 2.5kw
Overall Dimension 880×760×1800mm 1050×850×2050mm
Weight 275Kg 380Kg
This machine can be widely used for packing various kinds of liquid, especially for bag package of mineral water, pure water, bagged water, fruit juice, milk and other beverages (or iced beverage) and bagged liquid products.
liquid packing machine
  • Bag molding   
  • ultraviolet disinfection                 
  • Vertical seam sealing
  • Date of synthetic traction bag
  • Straight line traction bag
  • Quantitative Filling
  • Transverse joint sealing  
  • Cut bag                                        
  • Automatic counting
1. Selection of domestic high quality components to ensure the machine high and stable low trouble.
2. Sealing, product variety, seal, and four in the edge-sealing edge-sealing, wide, etc. Of edge-sealing
3.Adjust arbitrarily long bag, do not need to change parts.
4. Hot sealing temperature control, ensure double road temperature accurately.
5. Photoelectric tracking control bag can maintain a whole design with long, number of packages by electronic counting 
6. Automatically finish all the processes;
7. Two types suit for single layer PE film and laminated films;
8. PLC control and a pattern calibration photoelectric control device, ensure the pattern will be complete and beautiful.
9. Quantitative piston pump filling ensure packing volume can be adjusted within accurate range.