garlic separator

garlic separator


This machine is used to separate garlic bulbs into cloves. The working principle is using standard rubber rollers for food product to break the garlic bulb into clove. It’s also applied the exclusive developed pressure adjustable method to ensure the products for different size of garlic bulb. Easy operation makes the clove without damage and high separating rate. There’s a blower equipped inside the machine which can blow some garlic skin away while operating. Even a single person is able to operate this machine.



Dimension (Mm) Voltage Power Capacity Separating Efficiency Fan
1170×570×1270 220V 1.1kw 500-800kg/h Above 95% 0.375kw
Do you know the working principle of the garlic separator?
Step1.This machine uses motor as the motivation, and it uses pivoting triangular belt to drive the main shaft working during the process.
Step2.The garlic bulbs are separated by the rubbing of the upper tapered silicone plate and the flat silicone plate. The machine imitates hand stripping and is equipped with a high performance speed motor and chain wheel transmission system. 
Step3.During the working process, it can adjust roller gap according to the size of garlic automatically. 
Step4.At the same time, the fan system equipped with the machine can remove the garlic impurities. 
Step5.Garlic stem, garlic skin will be blown away by the fan blower to the side of the machine, which can be collected. Garlic cloves come out from the other side of the machine. It is the end of a whole work trip. 


  • Compact structure, take little space and convenient to move.
  • Time and electricity saving, high production.
  • Easy to operate, workers can learn to use the machine very fast.
  • High separating efficiency, more than 95%.
  • Little damage to the garlic.
  • Made of food stainless steel, can serve for a long time and keep food safety.