potato packing machine

Introduction of Potato Packing:
Feeding device: It adopts intelligent material feeding structure, via computer transducer or reducing motor control module, to realize the fast and slow speed feeding. And, according to different materials, you can adjust the feeding speed by adjusting the transducer (no interference ). The maximum adjustment range is 100%. Meanwhile, if also adjust the parameter setting, it could achieve the best optimal proportion of fast and slow speed feeding and ensure to increase the packing speed and keep good accuracy.
Bag clamping device:It adopts pneumatic clamping device and consists of annular bag clamping bucket, clamping system, executive device and bag placing signal. And the annular bag clamping bucket installed with air return way. If there’s dust during filling into bag, in the outlet, it could equip trumpet shaped air suction hood and connect with the factory dust-collect system to improve the workers’ working environment.
Weighing system:It adopts USA Sensors Systems, IL series weighing load cells which with high accuracy, durability, steady working, and impact resistance. They are matched with sole drive connection structure to fix them with the bag clamping device and weighing system.
Weighing control unit: It includes weighing control cabin, electromagnetic valve, proximity switch, weighing terminal with PANTHER, programmed weighing controller, isolation transformer, power supply switch and relative components. It’s the brain of the packing machine working.

Application of Potato Packer:
This packing machine is suitable for packing many materials such as potato, onions, garlic, coal briquette, ore, and organic vitreous etc. The machine has strong structure, stable and reliable performance, especially for packing potatoes and onions in agricultural sector, coal, ore and other large continuous weighing ball materials in mining industry. 
Besides, this packing machine is equipped with counting device ensuring the precision of measurement. The inner side has the device to prevent block and collision, and to ensure the flow uniformly.

potato packing machine
  • Model: DCS-YA50-PD
  • Weighing Range:20kg-80kg
  • Packing Speed: 120-240 bags/hour
  • Precision: ±0.2%FS
  • Power:2.2KW
  • Electrical Power: AC380/220,50/60(V/Hz), 3/1 phase, made as per requirement
  • Air Source Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Weight: 700kg
  • Dimension3000*1000*2800mm
  • Length of belt conveyor: 3000mm
  • Width of belt conveyor: 400mm

Potato Packaging Working flow:
Manual bag placing--Auto filling--Auto weighing--Auto bag discharge--Auto bag conveyor--Bag sewed--Next round