fruit washing waxing machine

fruit washing waxing machineIntroduction:
The machine is composed of improve potions preservation, gross rinse, polishing dehydration, drying of water and electricity, wax spray, wax electric drying and grading. That is, the whole process finishes automatically from the process of pouring fruits to fruits grading .It consists of the following parts.

Fruit washing and wax-polishing machine is mainly use for cleaning, waxing and grading the fruit and vegetable such as apple, lemon, mango, navel orange, honey pomelo, potato, tomato, batata, grapefruit, tangerine, tomato, carrot, plum, peach etc. Make the fruits surface bright, fresh and insect-resistant. Improve fruits commodity value.

Fruit and vegetable washing and elevator part:

  • Step-less speed-variation decelerator.
  • Structure: stainless steel water channel, grading lifting bench, high-pressure pump.
  • Be equipped with stainless steel water channel with cycling water filter screen in it. Fruits & vegetables are washed in surfing bath principle by high pressure pump.
  • After being washed, the fruits are elevated into grading bench. Plastic roller goes forward and self-rotates simultaneously, by which the defective fruits can be picked out.

Fruit spraying and wax-polishing part:

  • Stepless speed-variation decelerator.
  • Fruits secondary washing is realized by water spray and brush rotation.
  • Water on the fruits surface are removed by brushes in moving process and fruits are polished during this period. 4-axial-flow fan is fitted at the middle poison of brush to dry forcibly.
  • In the second half part of the machine, the electromagnetism wax spraying nozzle is controlled by timer, by which edible wax is sprayed onto the fruits surface. This deices interval time and wax spraying time could be set. After wax spraying, the wax liquid is brushed evenly on the fruits surface.

Air drying part:

  • Stepless speed-variation decelerator.
  • Heated by natural gas combustion engine and be equipped with smart temperature controller. Temperature can be controlled and set as requirements.
  • Tunnel temperature is low at beginning and then goes higher. It adopts closed inner recycle and centrifuge to realize hot air convection internally.
  • Convey the waxed fruits to drying box to evaporate the surface water and improve fruit brightness.

Grading part:

  • Electronic control system: Siemens text displayer, CPU, weighing module, weighing sensor.
  • Grades: 9
  • Operation system: Chinese/English interface.


  • The machine has adjustable function of cleaning intensity and it adopts centralized control, automatic temperature control.
  • The machine has advantages of user-friendly control,low processing cost and good adaptability etc. So it is the ideal choice for products processing enterprises, processors and supermarket etc.
  • High accuracy and low rate of fruit damage.
  • Wax liquid distribution uniformity, ply moderate, bright and beautiful.





Rate of fruit damage




Grade level

Grading type







17.5m*1.5m *2m


According to diameter of fruit (can be adjusted)






Remarks:Accept customized production,the capacity is adjustable.
Tips for using:
Regularly check different parts of the screw to make sure it is in the good state. If there is any problem, exclude them immediately.
Regularly clear the tracks and sediment of debris so as not to affect the normal function and accuracy of the machine.
Lubricate oil slide rails and chains before working.